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Easy-Pro Estimator Spreadsheet

"The mother of all builders programs & it's Free"

Unique Partnership Proposal for Professional Builders

This fantastic program is offered FREE to all builders, trades persons, architects, engineers and owner builders.

Why is it FREE?
I am a residential & commercial builder of 40 years experience and now work as a Project Manager for a large housing company. I developed the estimating program for my own construction business after becoming totally frustrated with the commercial products which proved to be both expensive and confusing (especially after chasing a hammer around all day). For a challenging hobby I have sold my program successfully for a number of years to builders and trades persons throughout the world.

Now I am going to experiment with a unique marketing system that just relies on a persons appreciation of being given a fantastic product that can revolutionise their business process, success and profitability. Think of this as a business partnership. I provide you with a free to use tool that makes your business money, then what is that assistance worth to you? The program calculates a Donation Usage Fee of 0.01% of the total contract value. You should include this cost as part of the quote to the client and the program allows you to add this small cost into the Preliminaries Worksheet. So effectively if you win the job, the client will be paying for the Usage Fee. Jobs you don't win there is no cost payable. As an example quote on and win a $300,000 job and this will have included a $30 Usage Fee subsequently paid for by the client.
If I can provide you with a highly efficient, accurate and easy to use program, you should welcome the ability to repay in kind on the jobs you win. All I ask is that you respect this unique and generous offer and that you are mindful of the hundreds of hours development that has gone into producing such a useful program. You could spend a $1,000 ++ on more complex programs and they may still not be as good. This program is brilliant for the small to medium size builder with a turnover of say $100,000 to a few $million.

I hope you like the program and I trust you will engage and honour a commitment to this generous arrangement for many years to come. Thank you. RG.

Operating Platforms this program will run on.

  • Runs on the Free Apache Open Office suite - Calc spreadsheet. Download your operating system version - Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Windows Versions XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 etc
  • Mac OS version 10.6 or later. Not tested on earlier versions but may work.
  • Ubuntu Linux all versions 7 and later.
  • Probably works on other Linux distributions.

Currency Versions Included in the ZIP download
          • $ version for USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.
          • version for pound sterling countries like England, Scotland, Ireland.
          • No currency version which can be formatted to your preference or left as is.

Distribution to Friends and Colleagues
You are encouraged to distribute this program to anyone who would be interested in using it. Send it to your TAFE trade college teachers, builder mates, subcontractors, industry associates, whom ever you like. When you do email it to them please include the Instruction Manual PDF and a reference to this web site.

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Download Instruction Manual PDF Download Easy-Pro Estimator ZIP Download Roof Cuts ZIP

APACHE Open Office all Platforms

 Program Features

  • 20 page comprehensive manual that will have you estimating projects efficiently and accurately with Easy-Pro Estimator.
  • Cost Plus tracking with **UnBilled** reporting function for easy and accurate client billing. Creates CSV export file.
  • 26 Trade Worksheets allow complete individual trade pricing and cost tracking.
  • Estimating times are reduced by fast macro click button navigation around the spreadsheet pages.
  • Taxation Table allows single entry of tax rate to suit many countries system like GST, VAT, Sales Tax etc, that covers the entire program.
  • Database rates look up screen of your material prices. Obtain prices from your suppliers in spreadsheet or ascii and easily convert to a database for Drag and Drop into your estimate. 
  • Comprehensive Summary sheet gives you a total overview of your estimation as well as costs and profit tracking.
  • Sold to and in use by thousands of builders worldwide.

Copyright 2006: Easy-Pro Builders Estimator, Easy-Pro Estimator and Too-Easy Estimating are copyright to the original designer and programmer of this unique spreadsheet template. This program is designed to run on Calc which is a part of the OpenOffice suit of office programs and and a registered trademark/name of Sun Microsystems Inc.